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EdgeRouter™ X SFP - EN/US

Mã sản phẩm:Advanced Gigabit Router with PoE and SFP

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Versatile PoE Capability

The EdgeRouter X SFP supports 24V passive PoE to power up to five airMAX® devices.

World-Leading Price/Performance

At $79 USD MSRP, the EdgeRouter X SFP offers a breakthrough combination of value and performance in routing with passive PoE support.

Gigabit Connectivity

The EdgeRouter X SFP features five independent, Gigabit RJ45 ports and one Gigabit SFP port – all six are configurable for switching.

Optical SFP for Backhaul

The Gigabit SFP port provides fiber connectivity to support backhaul applications for carrier-class networks.

EdgeOS - Advanced UI

The intuitive, graphical user interface is easy to learn and makes routing features simple to configure and monitor. It includes an integrated Command-Line Interface (CLI) for convenient access to advanced functions.

Model Comparison






 Gigabit RJ45 Ports   5  5
 SFP Ports  N/A  1
 PoE Input  24V Passive PoE  N/A
 PoE Output  Passive PoE Passthrough*  24V Passive PoE

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